Planning and Procedures

Before embarking on your next restructuring, acquisition, expansion or other change, invest in planning and analysis. Metamorfix provides a variety of facilitated processes to lead your team to effective results.

  • Crisis Planning – Analyze your business, department or event for risks; prepare and train before a crisis occurs.
  • Goal Linking— This process connects an organization's goals with individual performance. Centers on goal reviews, provides clarity, change readiness and feeds performance management.
  • Plan to Win– Top-down strategic planning and goal setting process designed to drive organization action and change.
  • Project Planning – In-depth, team-based planning session based on PMI methods. Team exits with detailed project plan, reusable project management skills and tools, and team synergy.
  • SOPs and Process Mapping– Team-based, cross-functional mapping determines as-is and should-be process flows. Uncovers redundancy, waste, gaps and opportunities.
  • Group Facilitation– Custom-designed engagement sessions for groups and teams.

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It's not the plan that is important, it's the planning.

— Graeme Edwards