Online Surveys

Feedback works. The more you understand, the better you can become.

Our online survey process can help you uncover areas for improvement, drive your strategic planning process or guide you through change.

It is the ideal way to assess your workplace climate via employees, customers, suppliers or vendors. Or use it to connect to your guests or to support marketing goals.

Controlled, anonymous surveys allow participants to be candid, and results are posted in real-time for your organization to review securely. We provide additional analysis and trend reports to guide you to productive decisions.

Metamorfix provides full support for all surveys, including:

  • Survey development
  • Custom programming
  • Facilitation logistics
  • Web-based interface
  • Password access control
  • Immediate results with online reports
  • Expert data analysis and interpretation
  • Multi-survey trend analysis

Research is creating new knowledge.

— Neil Armstrong